Receive coverage for your basic healthcare needs while avoiding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Penalty.

We are proud to introduce EverydayCARE through Redirect Health, a Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan that provides coverage for everyday medical needs such as preventive services, doctor’s office visits, urgent care, and prescription drugs. If you are currently uninsured, this plan allows you to avoid the ACA penalty of 2.5% of your yearly household income.

EverydayCARE Features:

  • Avoid costly ACA penalties while ensuring that your basic medical expenses are covered.
  • Affordable coverage for preventive procedures, primary care, labs, immunizations, and more.
  • $0 copay and no deductibles for qualifying medical services.
  • A prescription drug program that provides coverage for MEC-covered preventive medications.
  • Preventive wellness services for your children.