Supplemental Insurance can help offset out-of-pocket medical costs, allowing you to further protect your health and financial security. The supplemental plans we offer you through Marsh Benefits for Drivers are a part of your overall benefits package because we want to help you maintain a high quality of life for yourself and your family.

If you are an AO and would like to register your drivers for this year's Supplemental Benefits Open Enrollment, click the button below to access the enrollment form. You will be asked to upload your driver information, so please ensure that you have access to those records before proceeding. You may also call (844) 275-2721 if you have any questions or need help with completing this process.

AOs: Register Your Drivers for Enrollment

For clarification on Supplemental Insurance terminology, please visit the Glossary of Terms.

We are proud to introduce EverydayCARE through Redirect Health!

EverydayCARE through Redirect Health is a Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Plan that fulfills the Individual Mandate of the ACA. If you or your family members are uninsured, by enrolling in this benefit you will avoid paying the ACA penalty of 2.5% of your yearly household income. This plan provides coverage for everyday needs including preventive services, doctor’s office visits, urgent care, and prescription drugs!

Your TeleMedicine benefit is now offered through Benezon!

We have upgraded your TeleMedicine benefit by partnering with Benezon as the plan's new carrier. Through Benezon TeleMedicine, you will be able to enjoy expanded and more comprehensive services, including:

  • Patient advocacy - receive professional help with navigating the healthcare system
  • Video consults
  • A convenient one-stop shop mobile app
  • An all-encompassing single vendor
  • and more!

Advantages of Enrolling in Supplemental Benefits

Guaranteed Issue – No Medical Questions!

Most supplemental insurance options will not require a medical exam or health questions to be answered to enroll.

Lower Premiums

Because of Marsh and EOI's negotiating power, lower premiums on the supplemental insurance plans are available to you than if you obtained the same coverage on your own.

Supplement Your Core Medical Plan and Ensure Your Peace of Mind

You may already have core medical insurance but may incur out-of-pocket expenses not covered by your medical plan. The supplemental insurance plans being offered provide cash benefits to help with unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. You and your dependents will have the coverage needed to help offset healthcare costs in the event of any unplanned accident or illness.